ProAm Kickboxing & Muay Thai

September 14 · 2024

Morrisville, NC

Lightning Strikes ProAm Kickboxing & Muay Thai

Triangle Kickboxing Promotions Lightning Strikes Kickboxing & Muay Thai Series promotes amateur and professional Kickboxing & Muay Thai events in Raleigh/Durham North Carolina.

We are seriously passionate about our sport, working tirelessly to promote the most exciting, action-packed events possible to showcase the best up-and-coming and seasoned strikers across the country.

All Lightning Strikes ProAm’s are regulated by the North Carolina Boxing and Combat Sports Commission (NCBCS) and sanctioned by the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF).

We look forward to seeing you at our next event!



IKF Sanctioned Bout Card for LS XIII
Promoter: Don Rodger
IKF Representative: Jody Brendle
Judge #1: Kevin Scott | Judge #2: Tiffany Sorber | Judge #3: Marty Garner
Referees: Dale Frye & Anthony Bui
Timekeeper: Kaycee Welch | Announcer: Bruce Foster & Shahzeel Khokhar
Physician: Dr. John Neidecker | NCBSC Division Rep: Tamara Moore

1 Casey Box vs. Sean Jacqueira Sean Jacqueira Split Decision: 29/28, 29/28, 28/29 Light Middleweight
2 Ezekiel Rangel vs. Rae'Sae Settles Ezekiel Rangel Settles DQ, Illegal Takedown, Rd 2 @ :21 Featherweight
3 Charles Bernthal vs. Justice Felton Charles Bernthal Unanimous Decision: 27/30, 27/30, 27/30 Welterweight
4 Captain Sin vs. Jackson Brookhart Captain Sin Unanimous Decision: 27/30, 27/30, 27/30
Brookhart 30-day Suspension Ortho/Neuro Clerance
5 Daravian Parham vs. Ricardo Olivares Daravian Parham Unanimous Decision: 26/30, 26/30, 26/30 Lightweight
6 Travone Thomas vs. Braden Batista Travone Thomas Unanimous Decision: 28/29, 27/30, 27/30 Light Welterweight
7 Demetrius Rudolph vs. Joseph Speight Demetrius Rudolph Unanimous Decision: 26/30, 27/29, 26/30 Super Heavyweight
8 Noah Seagle vs. Zion Bailey Zion Bailey TKO (3 Knockdown Rule) Rd 2 @ :30
Seagle: 30-day Suspension
Light Welterweight
9 Brandon Gibbs vs. Ethan Blackburn Brandon Gibbs Unanimous Decision: 26/30, 26/30, 26/30 Light Welterweight
10 Jacques Gornail vs. Anish Surti Jacques Gornail Unanimous Decision: 47/48, 47/48, 47/48 IKF NC State Lightweight Title
11 Logan Howard vs. Chad "Smash" Bailey Logan Howard TKO Rd #3 @ .31
Berry, Indef Suspension, ENT or MFS Clearance
IKF United States Light Welterweight Title