Striking Areas

  • Front of the face (from ears forward).
  • Front of the body.
  • Inside and outside of the thighs.
  • Inside and outside of shins.

Legal Strikes

  • All standard boxing punches.
  • All kicks, except for those noted under “Illegal Strikes” below.  
  • Spinning back fists with the heel of fist or the back of the hand.
  • Knees are allowed, (except to the head for amateur fighters).
  • Clinching is allowed for 3-5 seconds, as long as you are working.
  • Catching/trapping the leg is allowed as long as you counter quickly.  Do not hold onto the leg.
  • No kick minimum.

Illegal Strikes

  • No elbows.
  • No sweeps.
  • No neck or hip throws.
  • No double-hand clinch.
  • No lifting your opponent.
  • No side kicks to the legs.
  • No front kicks to the thighs.
  • No kicks to the knees.
  • No hammer strikes.
  • No strikes to the back of the head.
  • No cartwheel kicks.