These rules and regulations only apply to IKF sanctioned events in North Carolina.  If your event is not sanctioned by the IKF, please contact the NCBSC for their official requirements as ours differ from what is required by the state.


The following list of requirements is set forth by the North Carolina Boxing and Combat Sports Commission (NCBCSC).  For the health and safety of our fighters (both amateur and professional), if you compete in ANY combat sport in the State of North Carolina, you are required to get these tests.

We recommend using Request a Test (888-732-2348) as they can locate a testing center close to you, they have a fairly quick turnaround, and they know the exact format required for acceptance by the NCBCSC.  The Combat Trio costs $109.

Blood work is required every 6-months.  The required tests are —

Eye Exam

Eye exams can be done at any eye care center, Walmart and Target, but you are required to use the NCBCSC form, or your results will not be accepted.  You can download the form HERE or use the digital version here  An eye exam is required every year.

Professional Fighters

Professional fighters are required to have blood work and an eye exam, as well as an MRI Brain Scan every 3 years.

Over 40 Fighters

Fighters 40 to 45 years of age are required to get a written doctor’s clearance.  Fighters 45 years-of-age and older are required to get a Doctor’s Clearance, an EKG and a Chest X-ray.