Fighter & Corner Licenses

All amateur fighters are allowed a maximum of two (2) corners.  If your team has 2 fighters on a single card, you are allowed three (corners).  If your team has 3 or more fighters on a card, you are allowed four (4) corners.

Professional fighters are allowed two (2) corners and one (1) cut person.

One additional corner may be added to a team, but they must purchase an event pass from the Promoter for $50, plus have the required NCBCSC and Federal license.

Every corner person is required to have a North Carolina license which may be purchased at 5pm the night of the event.  The NCBCSC only allows cash payments for licenses, so be sure you bring cash if you or your corner must renew their license.  License costs are as follows —

NCBCSC State License: $50.00 per year

Federal License: $25.00 every 5 years

Coaches: $50 per year