Standard Gear

Contestants are required to provide their own gear.  This includes – 

MALES – Groin cups are mandatory.

FEMALES – Contestants must wear a padded sports or athletic bra. In addition, a foul-proof breast protector or plastic breast covers may be worn. 

MOUTHGUARD – An approved mouth guard is required. No red or pink mouth guards are allowed.

HAND WRAPS – Hand wraps shall be restricted to no more than twenty (20) yards of soft gauze, not more than two (2) inches wide.  The gauze shall be held in place by no more than eight (8) feet of adhesive tape, no more than one and one-half (1 ½) inches wide.  The adhesive tape shall not cover any part of the knuckles when the hand is clenched to make a fist. The use of water, or any other liquid or material, on the tape is strictly prohibited.  ALL Fighter hand wraps must be “Signed Off” by an NCBA representative prior to the beginning of their bout.

GLOVES – Amateur fighters will wear 10oz gloves provided by the promoter.  

HEADGEAR – 10oz or 12oz headgear is mandatory for all amateur fighters – no exceptions allowed!  Head gear may be Velcro or lace wrapped.  No jaw bar or excessive ear padding is allowed.  See below for approved examples.

SHIN GUARDS – Shin guards with foot guard are mandatory. No gel pads are allowed.  Shin guard fasteners must be taped.  No buckles or metal of any kind can be exposed.

HAIR – Fighters with long hair may wear non-metallic hair stays.

What to Wear

All fighters are required to wear Muay Thai shorts.  No other shorts, including MMA, compression or Board Shorts are allowed. No shirts allowed for male fighters.  Female fighters must wear a padded-sports bra only.  All competitors shall be clean and present a neat appearance.

Head Gear

Fighters must bring their own head gear (must be 10-12oz in total weight).  No jaw bar, nose guard or excessive cheek or ear padding is allowed), shin guards w/foot guard (cloth shin guards are allowed), mouth guard (any color other than red or pink), and a cup.  

If you need approved equipment, please visit our friends at or call them at (919) 748-9103 as they stock all approved gear.

Here are images of allowed head gear –